It's all about keeping the interest of your viewer, there's nothing worse than surfing the web only to find poorly designed websites. If your site is defined well and easy to navigate around then you are at a good starting point, how many times have you gone to a website and spent valuable seconds, minutes looking for something within that site that you are desperate to find.
When we start looking at what the viewer is trying to achieve by visiting your website we go back to basics, and look at how easy we need to make this site for all users. A bold navigation bar with complimenting colours, a search option so that in the event of a quick search is required all they need to do is enter a search term and they are directed straight to where they need to be.
In addition to navigating around your website, it also has to be interesting to look at and almost want your viewers to be inquisitive and intrigue them into wondering what else is in store within. Whilst high end graphics and state of the art typography is a must, the actual back end design is what keeps the site in a good place within all the big search engines, the correct coding methods aligning with the latest W3C standards will make sure Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more search engines will rate your site in a good position with all the other competitive’s you may be doing battle with. Social media is an enormous avenue that comes hand in hand with designing a website, you require the maximum amount of traffic to your site and what better way to do that is by spreading the word and making sure everyone has heard about you. How do we do that, well that where social media comes in to play.
All of these elements come together to make your website stand out from the rest of the competition enabling you to start off in the best possible position.

Have An Objective

Know what you want to achevie early on. If you dont have a direction, it's not even worth starting.

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What Do You Want Your Site To Do

Are you looking to sell stuff (ECommerce) or just get your brand out there? This is fundemental to the design and build of the site.

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Get Inspired

Before you talk to your design team, make sure you've surfed the web for ideas.

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