Pixalart is a web design and business media company that was set up in 2009, to provide a rich media design platform to all of its clientele. Simple and smart designs that provide young companies with the marketing start they require when launching a new business venture.
We believe that first impressions count. Making sure that your product stands out from the rest of the crowd is imperative. This is where we believe we have the knowledge base to deliver. Our web sites are tailored to each individual client. We don't use templates so you know that your site will be totally unique to your brand. Within our design packages we will provide you with as many updates to your initial design as required to get your product to construction stage. Once approved by you, we can then start to build your websiteor even improve a current site you may have.
Our promise to you is to deliver a high end websiteat a low end cost and within that package we can incorporate a catalogue of items.
As we are a relatively small team with the appetite for all things design based, we understand that detail is everything. We want to ensure that your end product exceeds your expectations, and leaves you feeling safe in the knowledge that the first time a prospective client searches for your company, they are convinced with the professional look of your websiteand what services you offer.
Contact us via email or if it’s easier give us a call and we’ll call you straight back to discuss your objectives. Even if it’s something you need to know regarding business media marketing, let’s have a chat and see how we can help you.

Have An Objective

Know what you want to achevie early on. If you dont have a direction, it's not even worth starting.

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What Do You Want Your Site To Do

Are you looking to sell stuff (ECommerce) or just get your brand out there? This is fundemental to the design and build of the site.

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Get Inspired

Before you talk to your design team, make sure you've surfed the web for ideas.

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